Glordiva Beauty, is a model, she is a Chameleon monster with skin that feels like glass, she moves very stiffly, and constantly is wearing dresses and doing Fashion Shows in T. Table's Club.


Glordiva looks a lot like a living glass painting, she's constantly wearing dresses that look somewhat the same as her body, she can change her colors still, but she prefers the Glass looking styles more on her skin to go with her personality.


She has a soft personality, she has a huge passion for Clothes and looking the most Beautiful. She is a very polite woman and gives everyone beauty advice when they ask for it. She has a very good relationship with T. Table, the two sharing her club and doing shows together.


Glordiva was always into fashion even as a child, sewing fabrics together to make dresses for herself, over time, she started experimenting with different fabrics, and finally started to try and run her own shop, after it fell through, she wanted to quit, and ran into Hotlands to just hide or something, when she found T. Table's club. The two became friends after some talk, and agreed to work together, T. Table doing the music and lightings, and Glordiva did her shows, at the same time, T. Table's club got more audience, and Glordiva started selling her designs. The two live together in an essential house in the back of the club.

Glordiva also helped in designing T. Table's second form.

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