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Marshmallow is what at first appears to be a living s'more, with her being at the center. Marshmallow is a white-creamish colored cat of unknown age. The end of her tail is a slightly darker color than the rest of her body, along with her paws and ears. What looks like melted chocolate partially covers her sides. on her back and stomach are two board like objects which look like graham crackers. Marshmallow's nose is a bright pink, and rather small.


Marshmallow was originally a white cat owned by Dr. Elizabeth Coyota. She was one of Coyota's many science experiments when WOLF arrived in the Underground. Coyota was aiming to create a synthetic monster through modifying Marshmallow's DNA, this however, did not work at all. After the experiments turning Marshmallow into what she is now, she was kept in a sealed room by Coyota. Officially becoming WOLF's favored subject, she was given the best treatment out of all patients. This was of course to the displeasure of Slade, who hated the fact the cat was given more care than he was. When Paz originally found Marshmallow she was still in her room, where a machine fed her. Paz found a way to open the door and took the cat home, much to the dismay of Slade. Slade argued and yelled at Paz for hours regarding the cat, saying it was a stray and that someone would be looking for it. Eventually, he gave in to Paz's wishes, and let her keep Marshmallow. Marshmallow currently resides inside Paz's lab, where she happily lives as Paz's pet.


Paz - Paz discovered Marshmallow wandering inside the old WOLF test labs, and immediately brought her home. Although Slade disapproved greatly, Paz kept Marshmallow anyways. Marshmallow loves her owner and often goes on walks with Paz.

Slade - Slade does not like Marshmallow, and claims that Paz should have never brought the cat home. He reluctantly takes care of the cat when Paz isn't able to. His motivation for trying to get rid of the cat is the fact that it reminds him of Paz's mother.

WOLF - Marshmallow was beloved by all of WOLF's members, and was the team's official mascot for some time. She was fed a special blend of food daily, and given spring water to ensure her health. Marshmallow eventually had kittens, and so they were studied. After the kittens had been studied, some were released into the wild, with two of them being held in a separate room. These kittens were Male and Female respectively.


HP: 2000

AT: 13

DF: 27








  • Marshmallow's concept came from a gif.
  • Marshmallow's modified DNA granted her higher stats than a normal cat.


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