"Tiffany Turn Table", who goes mostly by her shortened name "T. Table", is a robotic DJ, doing shows in the underground. She was built by a secret scientist to try and take The Mechanical Tiger's place, however, T. Table had decided to try out being a DJ instead and quickly gained fame for it, now she rivals with Tiger, despite the the barely even knowing each other. She has a her own club within Hotlands through a hidden cave that only a certain selection of monsters know to go to, and otherwise cannot be found normally. (During a Geno route, this is where the remaining monster go to hide.)


Normal Form

T. Table looks a bit like Mettaton, but bigger, and much more complex. She has the box shape body like Mettaton, but instead of a single wheel on the bottom, she has two large treads, and her arms are a bit thicker, she also has a sort of siren on the top of her. She isn't holding a mic, and is actually spinning a disc.

Second Form

Similar to Mettaton EX, T. Table's second form, which she likes to jokingly call it "T. ZETTA", is a humanoid form, being much smaller than her normal form, and looks similar to a cross from Hatsune Miku and DJ Sona (From League of Legends). She has long legs with tights, and normal looking hips, she has a disc on her abdomen, and a sound visualizer on her chest, she has a little Blue skirt, and a matching tank top. Her head has two long orange ponytails with headphones. Her eyes are Yellow (Left) and Red (Right), and flicker back and fourth.

(Unlike Mettaton, she only has these two forms. )


T. Table likes like a stereotypical 80's gang member, being tough, but full of energy, and extremely rude. She won't back down from a challenge or a duel. When the ones she loves are in danger, she will be there as soon as possible to help them.

Trivia / Extras

T. Table actually really likes Tea, and makes jokes on herself for it, being an actual "Tea Table".

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