Violet 2

Aww! A Cute Puppy!

Basic Attributes

Gender Female
Species Wolf
Friends The Great Avv, Tim, Toriel, and Emmi.
Enemies TBA
Likes Toriel.
Dislikes TBA


Violet is a young pup, abandoned by her parents out in the wilds of the surface.  When she was abandoned she found the Hole to the underground. When she met Toriel, She loved being treated like a actual child, when Toriel let her leave to go to Snowdin, She met another monster named Tim, who she Immediately called him her master. She receives a lot of love from Papyrus, and Toriel.  

Violet is normally one of the harmless monsters, so you can't engage her in combat normally unless you're doing the genocide route. However she fights back.

Overtime, she seemed to learn how to communicate with the rest of the monsters.  

It's been a few years and Violet has matured, She has gained a thick winter coat, and her Height has increased to that of 2 Great Danes!  


Violet's appearance is pretty straight forward. Being only a puppy, there isn't much there to say.

She has a perfect white fur coat that matches snow, and a long little furry tail, and two cute little eyes.

She has grown quite a bit since she first arrived, she's about the age of an average teenage Canine, her height has increased too, so she is about the height of 2 great danes. Her Fur coat has doubled in size, so she can be pretty fluffy at times, her coat is about as thick as 3 sheep's wool coats!


Violet's personality is that of normal puppy's personality, and a little girl's.

She is sometimes overprotective of her master, Tim.

She is now more likely to act like a clumsy mutt than a little girl due to her growing up.

Sadly due to her now being so big and clumsy, Her intelligence has decreased so much, that now she has to wear a Dog thought translator collar to speak at all.

Routes (Still Being Worked on.) 

Pacifist : N/A

Neutral : N/A

Genocide : This is the only route you can fight Violet on. Her fight is exactly like Monster Kid's, except Undyne won't intervene, but instead, she won't die, and instead transforms into a hidden form, which she will then attack. 


Close To 

Toriel, Tim, and Emmi.


She Calls everyone, even the Mercenaries.

Her closest are The Great Avv!, Toriel , and Tim


She Loves everyone so everyone is her acquaintance!  


HP : 1 

AT : 1 

DF : 2 

Gold on Kill : 0 

EXP on Kill : 0 




Belly Rub

ACTSs : Explained 


[ Pet the Puppy! ]


[ Call over the Puppy! ]

Belly Rub

[ Rub the Puppy's Belly! ]


Encounter (Always) 

[ "Hi! are you new to the underground? My name's Violet! What's Yours? Do you wanna be friends?" ]

Flavor Text 

"Aww! it's a Puppy!" - Pacifist/Neutral

"Annoying Mutt.." - Genocide


She's Only a puppy, so she's quite young.

She loves everyone and everything! except squirrels.

She is now a teenager in dog years, so she is not that young anymore.

Boss Form

Violet has a hidden dragon form that she's gotten along with her magic, that can turn her into a sort of dragon/wolf creatrue. 

With a longer tail, wings, and a bigger more fluffy body and a long pinkish main, she gains more power to use, and won't hesitate to avenge the ones she loves.


HP : 1 - 70

AT : 1 - 75

DF : 1 - 80

None of Violet's ACTs work either.


If you are doing a true pacifist play through, then she will replace the [ITEMS] button with [VIOLET]. if you press this one, then she will randomly heal you. So, if you really need help during a boss fight, then she will heal you from a range of 10-19. So, use her wisely! 

Violet's Dragon/Wolf form is based on Shaymin from Pokemon.


Her Locket's theme ----->

Battle Theme (GENOCIDE) --->

Violet's new theme is here! --> <--

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